Sunday, March 14, 2010

:((((SADNESS feel like im dying !

hello mello, ths month was my SHITTY, FUCKING day ever and ever, huh, :'(
and today, someone that i love and trust make me felt like want to DIE!
you know why?
ak rase, ak nie mcm bdk yg tak betul, yg sebok, yg terhegeh-hegeh nak kat dea, huh, :'(
okayy, fine. do whatever you want, i will not forgive you and forget you, FOREVER! *i hope so, that i can do that, huhh, :'(
did you know why i say like that? cause,
i still lovingyoulaa!
did you know that? i don't think so,
huh, i wonder why am i so STUPID haa?
somebody, please tell me the REASONLAA!! :'(

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